Apple Watch Wikimedia

How many times have you been out and about and needed to capture a moment with a photo and thought “I really wish I could do that with my Apple Watch instead of the iPhone I have in my pocket?” Probably never, but that lack of users might not be enough to stop Apple from backing a camera in a future version of its wearable.

A new patent describes an Apple Watch that will feature an integrated camera module. At the heart of Apple’s idea is a new mechanism for quickly removing the watch from its strap. That essentially means removing the watch and using it like a camera. A mini camera.

Where this may have a purpose is in sports or adventure captures. Think of the Apple Watch becoming a mini GoPro.

While the Apple Watch began life as needing the iPhone constantly, it has become increasingly independent over recent generations. I think a camera is a little pointless for most users, but at this point, Apple may just be thinking “why not do it anyway”.

Enticing and Upgrade

Unlike smartphones – which people feel they need to upgrade every year or two – customers are likely to hold on to a smartwatch for several years. This is a problem that Apple also faces with the iPad… how do you attract customers to upgrade? If you have Apple Watch Series 6, there is not much point in getting the Series 7.

However, a Series 9 in two years with a camera attached may be interesting enough to drive sales. Not that Apple is necessarily worried, the Apple Watch is comfortably the best-selling smart watch. Furthermore, the company is reportedly working on spreading production of the wearable to Vietnam and other countries.

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