Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google, has filed his first code request in years, indicating his increased involvement in the company’s AI development. Brin’s request was related to LaMDA, Google’s natural language model, and was made in response to the growing threat from rival OpenAI and its partner Microsoft.

The change Brin made was a small technical one, but it underscores the seriousness with which Google views the threat from OpenAI and other competitors. Brin filed a “CL,” short for “changelist,” to gain access to the data that trains LaMDA.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has declared a “code red” and called in the company’s founders to help review the company’s AI strategy and come up with a response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

New Google AI Products Coming

Google is set to unveil a series of new AI products later this year, and Pichai has said that the company has a “substantial opportunity in front of us with AI.” However, the code request received some snark from Google employees, who commented that the company should “fix Google first.”

Despite the recent layoffs of 12,000 employees, Pichai remains focused on refocusing the company on artificial intelligence. He has said that the company is prepared to approach AI “boldly and responsibly.”

Google employees have criticized the way the company announced its new ChatGPT competitor, Bard, with CEO Sundar Pichai at the center of the criticism.

The announcement, made by Pichai on Monday, came ahead of a Microsoft event the following day, where the company showcased how its Bing search engine would integrate with OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.

Alphabet Inc.’s stock took a significant blow after an AI chatbot utilized by the tech giant gave an incorrect answer in a Twitter advertisement for its new service, Bard. As a result, the company’s shares fell about 8% to $99.40, wiping out over $100 billion in market value.

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