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Windows 11 Gets Smart Quick Actions for Highlighted Text

Microsoft’s new Windows 11 Preview build 25295 adds the ability to create custom Suggested Actions for highlighted text.


is currently sending out a new preview build on the Dev Channel. With the launch of Windows 11 Preview build 25295, Microsoft is making it easier to set up quick actions on the platform.

Specifically, Windows 11 shows quick actions when you highlight text. So, if you highlight a phone number you will see Suggested Actions to fit with the highlighted text. With the release of Windows 11 build 25295, Microsoft has updated the Clipboard to bring the ability to customize these Suggested Actions.

It is worth noting that while custom Suggested Actions are attached to preview build 25295, it is currently hidden. That means it is not available for users to test. It is unclear when Microsoft will make the preview public.

In the meantime, there are third party tools that can provide access to Windows 11 hidden features.

RGB Support

Elsewhere in Windows 11 25295, Microsoft is also making a change to how the platform works with RGBs.

With this feature, Microsoft is aiming to streamline its control customizations for external devices with RGB lighting.

Windows 11 currently forces users to rely on third-party solutions to handle RGB configurations. The new feature will offer RGB controls for peripherals from accessory brands such as Logitech and Razer.

Microsoft calls this feature “Windows Lighting” and says it will provide the same controls as the native devices but on the Windows 11 platform. It is worth noting, peripheral OEMs will need to provide support for this feature before it will be usable for customers.

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