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Minecraft Gets Archeology Feature

Archeology is finally coming to Minecraft and players can look forward to uncovering the secrets of the past and helping shape the future of this new feature.


Minecraft players will soon be able to explore the world of Archeology, as announced the addition of the highly anticipated feature in a recent blog post. As part of the 1.20 update, players can expect to find a special sand block called “Suspicious Sand” near Desert Temples, which can be investigated using the new Brush tool to uncover Pottery Shards and other objects. Collecting four Pottery Shards will form a clay pot that can be used as a decoration item.

Players Can Help Shape the Future of Archeology

Mojang Studios has plans to expand the Archeology feature in the future, and players can play a role in its development by participating in the Bedrock Edition betas and previews or Java Edition snapshots.

The Minecraft 1.20 update, which will include the full version of Archeology, is expected to arrive in 2023 and will also bring new additions like Camels, Bamboo blocks, rafts, hanging signs, and the mob vote winner the “Sniffer.”

Preview builds of Archeology will be available soon, giving players the chance to try it out before the full release.

Minecraft Legends

In January, announced that Minecraft Legends will launch on April 8 and pre-orders are open now. The Xbox team also detailed how the new version of Minecraft will differ from the standard game while still retaining the core mechanics.

In the latest Minecraft Preview, Mojang Studios is making plenty of changes that focus on improving overall gameplay. Perhaps the most notable are changes the Microsoft-owned developer has made to sneaking in the game.

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