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How to Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner?


This article was contributed by Austin Bell who works as a Senior writer for iMobie.

Second-hand iPhones and devices mostly come up with an activation lock, a security code activated by the owner. The only solution is to bypass the iCloud activation lock.

Finding the previous owner and getting the code from them is difficult. In this article, we give two methods to bypass the activation lock without a previous owner, by DNS or by iCloud Activation Lock removal tool.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide of two methods to unlock in seconds!

1. Why do we need to unlock the Activation lock?

Due to high prices and economic issues, most people choose to get a second-hand iPhone rather than a brand-new one from the store. As the device is connected to the previous iCloud account, that’s why a new buyer will get in trouble with an activation code.

Activation lock is the security code that protects your phone from any hacking and stealing the data states. You will be stuck to unlock it in two conditions as shown:

1) Brought an old iPhone or iPad

If you ever buy a used iPhone or an iPad, you’ll come up with a password on the screen that the first owner set. It’ll only unlock if you know his Apple ID or iCloud account credentials.

2) Brought a Refurbished iPhone or iPad

After purchasing a refurbished iPhone or iPad from the store for your use, you need to enter the code to access the device’s applications and system.

2. Two Methods to Remove Activation Code

As a security feature, the activation lock is designed to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Don’t think that you are at risk if you don’t know the activation code! Because you can bypass it by following the two viable methods as shown below:

Method 1. Using DNS Bypass

The foremost method is bypassing the activation code using the DNS method. It is a domain name and can be achieved through the Wi-Fi connection settings.

An iCloud lock may be gotten over by altering the DNS server, often described as iCloud DNS Bypass. This is done by switching your iPhone’s activation route from Apple’s servers to a few chosen third-party iCloud bypass servers.

Activation Locked iPhone

The step-by-step guide to unlocking by using the DNS method is shown as follows:

Step 1

Power on the device or Restart the iPhone or iPad which you want to unlock.

Step 2

Once you reach the “Choose Wi-Fi network” screen, continue with the setup.

Step 3

Then select “More Wi-Fi Settings” and click on the “i” icon next to the Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi settings on iPhone

Step 4

Open the “Configure DNS” option, and choose “Manual.”

Configure DNS settings on iPhone 

Step 5

Enter the server address that matches your location after selecting “+Add Server.” Simply use the below to establish a connection to the servers:

  • USA:
  • SAT:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Australia & Oceania:
  • Other:

Then your phone is unlocked.

Drawbacks of using  “DNS Bypass”:

In some instances, it’s not as simple as it seems. To accompany this, you may have the following limitations and can’t get access such as:

1) Only works with iOS devices running iOS 8 to iOS 10

The DNS bypass method is limited to only recently updated devices, such as those working with iOS 8 to iOS 10. While prior ones can’t unlock the activation code by using this method.

2) Not all countries and regions can use this method

It is applicable to only some recommended regions and not supported by other countries, as shown above.

3) Tedious steps, not friendly for people who don’t have too many tech skills

The DNS bypass method contains difficult steps which an unguided person does not easily attain.

4) Success rate cannot be guaranteed

There is no 100% surety that the DNS method will unlock your activation code due to some drawbacks. That’s why, you need to read more lines to get one more method.

Method 2. Using AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker

The most valid and guaranteed method to remove activation lock is by using AnyUnlock. AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker, a simple function that allows unlocking free from the restrictions of locked Apple goods and services.

This software has a history of successfully unlocking jailbroken Apple devices. You can bypass your device by connecting the device with computer.

Then follow the below instructions to get results in seconds!

Step 1

Simply download the AnyUnlock on your PC and then Launch its setup. After that, select the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock mode.

Click the “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock” option

Step 2

Then use a USB connection to connect your iOS device to the PC. After recognizing, you will see the UI as shown below:

After detection of the deviceStep 3

Then click the “Start Now” option and carefully read the “Terms of Use.” After that, choose the button to proceed further.

Click on the “Start Now” button

Step 4

You will then see the interface as shown and jailbreak your iOS device.

Jailbreak Interface on AnyUnlock

Step 5

After doing Jailbreak, now click on the Next button.

Jailbreak is all setStep 6

The interface will show you the fundamental device information. Then choose “Bypass Now” on the page.

Select the “Bypass Now” button

Step 7

Make sure that your device is plugged into your computer via the USB cord while the bypassing procedure occurs.

Start Bypassing the iCloud Activation code 

Step 8

You will see the UI as shown below after the bypassing procedure is finished. You may access the main page by selecting the “Done” option.

Completion of Bypass process

How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPad without Apple ID And Password [2021]


Successfully, you are done with the bypassing process and get your iPhone’s features back in just a few clicks. You can use AnyUnlock to unlock all devices within seconds without losing data. Besides, AnyUnlock can help iPhone/iPad/iPod touch users unlock forgotten passwords, bypass MDM, unlock Apple ID, remove SIM Lock, etc.

If you find this solution effective, share it with your other members and tell us whether you guys get out rid of this or not!

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