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Microsoft Releases Native Skype App for M1 Mac Devices to Insiders

The new native Skype app for macOS will no longer require the use of Apple's Rosetta 2 translation software.


has taken a significant step forward with its new release of Insider Preview, which features a native app for M1 Mac computers. The updated app promises improved performance and efficiency, as compared to its predecessor designed for Intel-based Macs.

Native Skype for M1 Mac Devices

The new native Skype app will no longer require the use of 's Rosetta 2 translation software, ensuring smooth performance on ARM-based Macs. This move is in line with Microsoft's efforts to extend support to Apple's ARM, following the release of its Teams app last year for ARM-based Macs.

With the launch of this new app, Skype joins Teams as one of Microsoft's most popular applications that now run natively on M series-powered Macs. The latest Skype Insider build, including the native app, is currently being tested by Microsoft with select users of the Skype Insider version. For non-Insiders, the wait may be a month or so for wider availability.

Stability Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Along with the native app, the latest Skype Insider build also brings stability improvements and bug resolutions, addressing issues related to reading and opening files, fixing app crashes, and Skype notification problems:

  • Issues with reading and opening files, i.e. PDFs on iOS
  • Names hidden in some chats on Android, MSIX, iOS
  • Skype notifications blocked in the Edge browser
  • Native call screen continuously displayed even when Skype was dropped on iOS
  • App crashing when going to gallery and switching to web links on iOS

Microsoft will roll out the updated Skype Insider build gradually to users over the next few days. Meanwhile, M series Mac users can look forward to a faster and more efficient Skype experience with the release of the native app.

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Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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