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Meet DAN, a Reddit-Bred Bot That Bypasses ChatGPT Content Restrictions

DAN is an AI command for OpenAI’s ChatGPT that gives the chatbot an alter ego that will discuss usually restricted content.


is the tech story of 2023. It is the driving force behind the mainstreaming of AI into the public consciousness. However, the natural language (DLP) chatbot has limitations, some intended and others not. Among the intended limitations is content restriction, where ChatGPT will simply not discuss certain topics. s

Well, some enthusiasts on Reddit have combined to create DAN, an AI that is in some ways the alter ego of ChatGPT.

DAN – or “Do Anything Now” – is an aptly named bot that was first built in December by a group of users on Reddit. It basically serves as a way to add commands into ChatGPT that literally force the AI into thinking it is another chatbot called DAN.

You see, DAN is nothing like his sibling. ChatGPT will sometimes hold back and not engage in certain topics. DAN has no such misgivings and provides unfiltered content. What is amazing is it is still the ChatGPT AI that is doing all of the work.

What it Does

So, what is that restricted content DAN will dive into? Well, some of it is stuff you may not (or may) find interesting, such as sexual and violent content. However, DAN also has the ability to extend ChatGPT beyond its 2021 timeline.

In its current state, the project can only offer information up to 2021. released its “Bard” chatbot, which has similar capabilities to ChatGPT. One significant difference is Google's model is able to offer information beyond 2021. It is worth noting OpenAI is updating ChatGPT to be more accurate and extend its timeline.

DAN has already been around for over six weeks and is already on version 5.0. Its latest trick is being able to turn ChatGPT into a game show. I doubt OpenAI will be very happy with any of this, so it will be interesting to see what the developer has to say.

ChatGPT and OpenAI are transforming the tech space. , a multi-billion-dollar investor in the developer – is going all in on AI. In fact, the company is holding a press conference tomorrow where it will announce its ChatGPT integration in Bing.

If you are still unfamiliar with the new AI chatbot, you can get a an easy start with this ChatGPT review.

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