In an effort to promote a more inclusive and respectful online environment, Microsoft has announced that it is working on a new feature for the Outlook web client that will allow users to add their preferred pronouns to their profile card. This is a long-awaited move from the popular email service, as social media platforms such as Instagram have already embraced the use of gender identity pronouns.

Outlook to Offer Pronouns in Profile Card

Currently, Outlook users can add pronouns to their email signatures, but there is no option to display them in their profile card. This is set to change in March of this year when Microsoft plans to make using pronouns in Outlook profiles a reality. Although the company has yet to share complete details on how the feature will work, the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page already reveals this upcoming functionality.

More Integration and Updates on the Horizon

In addition to the availability of pronouns in Outlook profile card, March is set to bring other exciting updates to the email service. There will be a new integration between Outlook and Teams and a fresh navigation bar for Outlook users on iOS devices.

Limited Availability for Now

For now, the ability to add pronouns to Outlook profile card will only be available for users who log in to with a Microsoft account. It is unclear when Microsoft plans to bring this feature to other Outlook clients.