Microsoft Word is receiving a new tool that makes it easier to transcribe audio recording on the document app. This new tool is specifically for Windows versions of the Microsoft Office app. The company explains it will help to “convert speech to a text transcript, with each speaker individually separated”.

Essentially, transcribing content such as audio meetings or interviews will now be more seamless. The new Transcribe tool offers two options for transcription. Firstly, there is an option that permits direct recording to Microsoft Word. The second option is by uploading an audio file into the app.

Users can tap into the new feature for Microsoft Word on Windows by first permitting the app to have access to your mic. Next follow Home > Dictate > Transcribe, then select the Start recording in the Transcribe pane.

Word will now begin the recording automatically. Once the meeting or audio ends, simply select the Save and transcribe options.

For users who are uploading, following the same Home > Dictate > Transcribe path. Instead of the start recording option, pick the Upload audio option in the Transcribe pane. You can now select the relevant file you want to upload.


Microsoft points out that the feature is currently available for uploads using the .mp3, .mp4, .mpa, and .wav formats. Transcriptions are available in over 80 languages.

It is also worth noting that the feature is limited to the Windows Insider Program at the moment. It is available on Version 2302 (Build 16107.20000) or later, which is available through the Beta Channel.

Tip of the day: For the most part, Windows apps are stable, but they can still be still thrown out of whack by updates or configuration issues. Many boot their PC to find their Microsoft Store isn’t working or their Windows apps aren’t opening. Luckily Windows 11 and Windows 10 have an automatic repair feature for apps that can resolve such issues.