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Microsoft Bing to Get ChatGPT-4 to Speed Up AI Searches

Microsoft Bing is going to improve its AI searches by integrating the GPT-4 version of the popular ChatGPT chatbot.


At the start of last month, it emerged that was looking to integrate ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. As I reported at the time, the movie is aimed at closing 's dominance in the search market. It now seems as though that integration is not too far away and will include an updated version of the chatbot known as -4.

According to Semafor, is an upgraded AI that is faster than the GPT-3 engine that currently underpins ChatGPT. It is worth noting this upgrade is separate from the update rolled out to ChatGPT this week to improve accuracy.

Instead GPT-4 is essentially the next generation of ChatGPT that will deliver more speed. This is going to be vital if Microsoft wants a seamless search experience in Bing. Users are accustomed to having searching happens in seconds or less.

It is still unclear exactly how Microsoft plans to leverage the natural language processing AI into Bing. One idea is to simply allow ChatGPT to handle all searches, but that doesn't make sense. Firstly, not everyone wants to use AI or a bot that delivers natural voice responses. Secondly, ChatGPT remains much too unreliable to be trusted to surface accurate search results.

AI Surge

There have been plenty of reports that ChatGPT often gives wrong answers that look correct. This confusion led to Stack Overflow temporarily banning the chatbot last month. The New York City education department took a similar decision by banning the bot from all educational institutions in the city.

Unless sweeping changes are made, it is unlikely the AI is ready to completely take control of Bing. Instead, it is more likely it will become a component that users can choose to access for searches.

A lot has happened in the last month and AI is now the hot topic in tech, mostly because of OpenAI and Microsoft. The company has invested billions into OpenAI and is working on folding ChatGPT and other GPT-3 AI models into Bing searches, Office apps, and even Windows 12.

Tip of the day: For the most part, Windows apps are stable, but they can still be still thrown out of whack by updates or configuration issues. Many boot their PC to find their Microsoft Store isn't working or their Windows apps aren't opening. Luckily and have an automatic repair feature for apps that can resolve such issues.

Last Updated on February 23, 2023 1:52 pm CET

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