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Twitter Applies to Become a PayPal-like Payment Platform

Twitter has applied for regulatory licensing that would allow it to become a payment platform like PayPal or Apple Pay.


Following 's $47bn takeover of , the new Chief Twit has been saying the company needs to find ways to balance the books. It doesn't help that Musk's own controversial remarks led to advertisers running a mile, costing the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Even so, Musk has been clear Twitter needs to become – at least partially – a paid platform.

And those plans to monetize the micro-blogging site are now moving into full swing. In fact, it seems Musk and Twitter want to go one further and become a true payment platform.

Monetization has so far involved charging users $8 per month for a verified checkmark. However, Musk has plans to make Twitter a more universal app and break free from the shackles of being just a micro-blogging platform.

One of those plans is to become a payment platform similar to PayPal and Pay. Musk has history in this sector. He co-founded the financial services firm X.com in 1999 and then helped PayPal become the number one digital payment platform following a merger with X.com.

Everything App

The Financial Times reports that Twitter is applying for the necessary licenses to operate as a payment platform in the United States.

Musk has previously spoken about turning Twitter into an “everything app,” a true platform. He envisions the platform being an ecommerce service and payment platform. If the company is applying for a license, it will need to pass regulatory tests before being approved.

Sources claim the service will support fiat currencies and mainstream payment methods at first, before expanding to cryptocurrencies later.

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