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The Best Online Puzzle Games to Play with Friends and Family


This article was contributed by Ghulam Murtaza who works as a freelance tech, gaming, and gadget review writer at SEO on Power.

Are you sick of avoiding game night because your friends, family, or even peers can't all come together in one location? You might enjoy playing games online, but not everyone wants to buy or download the same titles. Try out some of the top online games for online play that you can access directly from your browser.

It's crucial to routinely train your brain, regardless of how old or young you are or how bright you believe yourself to be. Fortunately, there are many enjoyable ways to do it. Playing cooperative brain games with your friends is one of them.

These on-the-go games will put your brain to the test while also allowing you to wow any interested players with your knowledge and abilities. Can you defeat your buddies in one of these fantastic online brainteasers? They're all available for free. Here is the list of amazing puzzles that you can play with your family and friends.

1. I'm a Puzzle

Things have changed compared to the days of crumpled cardboard and lost parts. I'm a Puzzle from Unwind Media that has every jigsaw puzzle you'll ever need, and it's all been properly preserved digitally.

There is already a ton of puzzles to start. After being categorized into sections like Events, Creatures, and Locations, they are further broken down into subcategories like Christmas, Cats, and Brazil.

The Other section discusses the rest of the multiverse as if that weren't enough.

Additionally, you may upload your own pictures to “I'm a Puzzle” and share them with others in the usual ways or by attaching them to an email you send to other dialectologists and friends.

As a result, there are infinite puzzles (look it up).

There are other options as well, letting you see the picture you're attempting to build, conceal everything but the borders and corners of the pieces, or even fix the problem.

You should try it because it is one of the best puzzle games.

2. Tangle Master 3D 

It's a brainteaser that's both difficult and a lot of fun to play, with simple controls. Just arrange the ropes correctly and quickly unwind them. Remember that you only have a certain number of moves to finish the level, so concentrate on matching colors, sorting ropes, and untying knots.

You must sort and match the colors of the ropes and pins in Tangle Master 3D, much like a color puzzle. We have a tonne of boosters available to you if you get stuck. You can cut the rope or blow the locks open.

Just arrange the ropes correctly and untie them promptly!

Remember that you only have a few moves left to finish the level, so concentrate on its mechanics to avoid getting stuck! – You might, but don't worry; we have many boosters to assist you.

This is also one of the best puzzles that you can play with your family and friends.

3. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles:

A series of challenging Brain puzzles make up the addicting free puzzle game Brain Test. Various puzzles and challenging quizzes will test your thinking. This brand-new puzzle game might sound logical and give you a fresh mental challenge!

With the help of this funny and addictive free IQ game, you may have fun with your buddies. Be creative, solve problems, and get ready to take the test! You'll like this amusingly challenging test. This game is brand-new and played online. Another one of the world's top games.

One of the great options for you if you enjoy word games, word searches, puzzles, sudoku puzzles, riddle games, and other quiz games is the tough challenge Brain Test. A whole deal funnier than standard test games. Iq games and brain games are for brain development. The greatest games are available for offline play.

This app has countless entertaining and challenging games. It is an excellent mental exercise. Remember that riddle games are a fun way to kill time.

4. Tiny Bubbles:

Tiny Bubbles is a captivating puzzle game with flowing clusters of soap bubbles. Fill, combine, pair, pop, and resolve. There are countless objectives to reach. Give your brain a workout: easy at first, then increasingly difficult.

Use the mechanics of actual bubbles to push surrounding bubbles around and fill them with vibrant air! To combine fresh colors and make matches of four or more, break the boundaries between the bubbles. Plan your approach from a list of possible actions to create cascading chain reactions that result in stunning bonuses.

Discover uncommon surprises at every turn! With progressively harder tasks, each of the more than 170 handcrafted puzzles demands fresh thinking and twisting techniques. Play in the PUZZLES, ARCADE, or INFINITY game modes. Beat 35 giddy achievements that will put your mastery to the test.

The soothing sounds of popping bubbles seamlessly blend with calming ambient music. Put on some headphones to reach a higher state of flow and mindfulness. ASMR. Earn helpful advice for when you get stuck by playing Infinity mode.

Don't leave the small aquatic creatures trapped in the bubbles alone. Avoid spiny creatures and ungrateful jellyfish. Love him or loathe him, bloop the curious fish will unquestionably show you if you are an optimist or a pessimist. You should try this game at least one time.

5. Golf Peaks:

You play golf to scale mountains in the little puzzle game Golf Peaks. To move the ball, use cards. There are over 120 handcrafted levels to complete. It has amazing features like

a variety of block kinds to try out, a unique card-based movement system, minimalist graphics, a soothing environment, no in-app purchases or advertisements, one-handed play, achievements, and no prior knowledge of golf is necessary!

These features are so captivating. This is one of those amazing puzzles that you should try with your family and friends.


It's natural to enjoy a game you're good at. It's much better if you frequently excel or beat your friends. You can hone your talents and show your buddies that you're the smartest one of them by playing these games. So, let the intellectual competition begin.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. You should give one try to these puzzles.

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