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Samsung Debuts ISOCELL HP2 Camera Sensor for Flagship Smartphones

The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 camera module is a 200MP sensor that will be launched inside the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra.


Samsung is moving its mobile camera technology into the next generation with the announcement of the ISOCELL HP2. This is the company’s new high-resolution camera sensor designed for flagship smartphones. It will make its debut on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra and will also come to other flagships from OEMs.

According to the company, the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 is a 200MP resolution sensor that can enhance images and work in very low light conditions. The company points out the module boasts 200 million 0.6-micrometer pixels packed into a 1/1.3” sensor.

This essentially means that the camera can deliver high-resolution images that have more detail without having to compromise the size of the module. In other words, users will still get excellent imagery without huge camera bumps on their smartphones.

We do not need to wait long to see the ISOCELL HP2 in real-world action. It is already being mass-produced and will be packed into Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, which will launch on February 1. It will not be part of the Galaxy S23/S23+. Specs for those devices leaked today and it seems Samsung is more clearly differentiating the standard Galaxy S from the Galaxy S Ultra.



In its press release to announce the ISOCELL HP2, Samsung explains the technical proficiency of the sensor:

“With Samsung’s advanced pixel-binning technology, Tetra2pixel, the HP2 adds more versatility to the camera as it simulates different pixel sizes to accommodate varying lighting levels. When in low-lit environments, the sensor transforms either into a 1.2μm 50MP or 2.4μm 12.5MP image sensor by binding four to 16 neighboring pixels.

“For fuller 8K video, approximately at 33MP, the HP2 switches to 1.2μm 50MP mode to minimize cropping and capture more of the scene. Filming 8K at 30 frames-per-second (fps), a wide field of view along with bigger pixel size can produce sharp cinematic videos.”

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