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Microsoft Teams Features in Microsoft 365 to Be Locked behind a Paywall in February

A bunch of Microsoft Teams features will no longer be free on Microsoft 365 when Teams Premium debuts in February.


In news that will likely be unpopular amongst 365 subscribers, Microsoft says some of the features those customers enjoy will be moved to Teams Premium. In other words, they will be locked behind a paywall when the Teams Premium add-on comes to M365 in February.

Of course, users already pay a subscription fee. Starting next month, to access some Microsoft Teams tools they will need to pay an additional fee for Teams Premium.

“With the general release of Teams Premium, some Teams features will move from Teams licenses to Teams Premium licenses,” confirms Microsoft. “To allow your users to keep using these features, you'll need to purchase and assign Teams Premium licenses.”

Microsoft's Teams Premium made its debut in preview last month. Microsoft Teams Premium is a new version of the platform that Microsoft says will provide AI-driven performance that acts like a virtual assistant during a meeting. This is known as Intelligent Recap and it will generate tasks, create new meeting chapters, and take personalized highlights from recordings.

It also comes with the following features:

  • “New meeting guides that automatically set up the right meeting options.
  • Upleveled safeguards for confidential information with advanced meeting protection, including watermarking and sensitivity labels.
  • Friction-free Virtual Appointments for personalized business-to-consumer engagements.
  • The ability to host high-quality webinars using advanced functionality to drive deeper engagement and generate new leads.”

In Microsoft 365

It was widely thought that Teams Premium would only add new features. However, it seems Microsoft is also reverting some current features behind the paywall.

According to Microsoft, the features that will be moved to Premium include:

  • Live translated captions
  • Timeline markers in Teams meeting recordings for when a user left or joined meetings
  • Custom organization Together mode scenes
  • Virtual Appointments: SMS notifications
  • Virtual Appointments: Organizational analytics in the Teams admin center
  • Virtual Appointments: Scheduled queue view

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Last Updated on January 25, 2023 2:24 am CET

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