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Samsung to Change Smartphone Strategy When Launching the Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung will launch just two Galaxy S24 smartphones next year, ditching its three-device strategy from previous years.


is the best-selling smartphone brand in the world. That statement alone makes it easy to assume the company's mobile strategy is unbeatable. However, increasing competition across all price points means Samsung needs to shake up its strategy to maintain its margins. With that in mind, the company is overhauling its Galaxy S model release schedule.

For years, the company has been launching three new Galaxy S models each year. For example, last year's Galaxy S22 comes on the standard variant, the S22+, and the Galaxy Note-mimicking Galaxy S22 Ultra. This three-pronged device strategy will almost certainly continue for the upcoming Galaxy S23 range.

Looking ahead to 2024's Galaxy S24 range, it now seems the South Korean company is ready to ditch one of those models and release just two devices. Korean outlet The Elec reports Samsung is cancelling the Galaxy S24 Plus and suggests “the current state of the smartphone market” as the reason.

We are just weeks away from the launch of the Galaxy S23 series on February 1, so the company is already well into development on the S24 models. It seems this year will be the last chance for customers to buy the Plus model. This is essentially a standard Galaxy S with a bigger screen and a slightly better camera.

Two Smartphones

Samsung seemingly is seeing less value in this incremental upgrade on the standing S model. Instead, the company will differentiate the standard Galaxy S24 with the much more powerful and better in most ways Galaxy S24 Ultra. This will set up a clearer standard and premium version of the device, with no in-between option.

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