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Windows 11 22H2 Patch Tuesday Is Causing Freeze Issues on AMD Ryzen PCs

Microsoft has yet to confirm a growing issue where Windows 11 20H2 is freezing AMD systems following Patch Tuesday.


It seems 's December Patch Tuesday is causing issues for users with AMD CPUs running 22H2. There are widespread reports of random freezing on AMD machines Microsoft's final patch rollup of 2022 brought the KB502125, which is the offending update.

Users such as Thomsen48 on Reddit points out that freezing is happening on their PC with AMD's Ryzen 5 4600E. However, this report comes from a machine with the KB5019980 update, which was a part of November Patch Tuesday.

In other words, there may two updates causing the problem. General reports point to systems simply freezing up when the update is installed. Sometimes these episodes are a few seconds while others last for minutes.

Microsoft has yet to offer any official comment on the problem, so we will need to wait for the company to confirm for all the details. Hopefully, the company will get to it soon and maybe in time for a fix through January 2023 Patch Tuesday.

AMD Performance

This news comes just a few days after I reported on Windows 11 outperforming Ubuntu Linux on AMD machines. Phoronix reports its test looking at gaming performance on AMD graphics GPUs shows that Windows 11 outperforms Linux Ubuntu.

Specifically, the firm compared Windows 11 Pro running version 22H2 with build 22621 with Ubuntu on Linux kernel 6.2.

Let's be clear, Ubuntu did a solid job, but it was Windows 11 that offered the best performance and gaming experience on AMD GPUs.

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