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WingetUI Update Brings Changes for Windows 11 and 10

WingetUI version 1.5.2 arrives with fixes and improvements for Winget management on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.


WingetUI is a useful tool that allows and users to manage CLI package managers like 's Winget or the third-party scoop. Now, the developers behind WingetUI are rolling out an update that brings changes to both Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Specifically, version 1.5.2 of the GUI utility tool brings a fix for blurry textures that were showing on Windows 10. Elsewhere, there is an improvement in the context menu positioning in the task manager on Windows 11.

As always, there are other general improvements and bug fixes, including for PNG files, .NET, and more.

While WingetUI works with other CLI package managers, it is ideal for Microsoft's own Winget. Back at Build 2020 last month, Microsoft introduced a new Windows Package Manager (Winget) for Windows 10. The new tool allows developers to easily download services to help app development. However, the new open-source solution found controversy after the creator of a similar tool argued Microsoft has stolen his idea.

Microsoft later admitted Winget was inspired by the open source AppGet.

WingetUI 1.5.2 Changelog

  • “Improvements in the settings page:
    • Utilities regarding winget shouldn't enable scoop anymore
    • Reorganized the headers
    • Added a submenu for experimental features
  • Added a section to view, add and remove scoop buckets
  • Added a new screenshot viewer on the info window
  • Improved general keyboard navigation
  • Improved blurry textures on Windows 10 systems
  • Fixed issues with scoop custom buckets
  • Fixed some issues regarding global scoop installations
  • Improved taskbar context menu positioning on Windows 11 systems
  • Added the update date and the release notes on the information window
  • The number of installed packages will vary when uninstalling an app
  • Fixed an issue where the window would drift across app restarts
  • Fixed an issue where winget wouldn't detect wingetui
  • Improved dialogs, fixing an issue where the user couldn't interact with them
  • Fixed issues with application info parsing on botw winget and scoop
  • Optimized PNG files, thanks to @panther7
  • Fixed issues with .NET runtimes and with MSVC++2010 (thanks microsoft for messing up IDs and adding double spaces on them)
  • Improved scoop installer, thanks to @panther7
  • Fixed broken select/unselect all on the updates and the installed section
  • Fixed loading loops when no package menagers were enabled
  • Fixed misidentified packages
  • WingetUI now detects Microsoft Store packages properly on the installed tab
  • Added fluent context menus to even more areas of the UI
  • migrated servers to www.marticliment.com, instead of the old www.somepythonthings.tk”

You can download the latest WingetUI from GitHub.

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