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Windows 11 Is Not Offering Major Performance Gains over Windows 10

While Windows 11 still bests Windows 10 in some areas on Intel’s Raptor Lake platform, Windows 10 also wins some performance tests.


One of the big claims Microsoft made when it announced Windows 11 in June 2021 and repeated at launch in September 2022 was that the platform significantly outperforms Windows 10. However, a new study from PCWorld shows that this is not always the case.

Intel has also been eager to back up Microsoft’s Windows 11 performance claims. At its Architecture Day 2021, Intel said that Windows 11 was optimized for the Alder Lake CPU. Specifically, Microsoft’s new platform has better technology for handling the hybrid architecture of Alder Lake.

Also in 2021, Microsoft was eager to detail the performance gains over Windows 10. And in some areas, Windows 11 has absolutely lived up to Microsoft’s boasts.

However, PCWorld has been testing the successor of Alder Lake, Intel’s new Raptor Lake CPU architecture and shows Windows 11 is not drastically outperforming Windows 10. Yes, there are some areas where Win11 runs better on Raptor Lake but Windows 10 was also able to win some scenarios.


It is worth noting that Intel’s new CPUs are built on the same Performance Hybrid technology as the Alder Lake.

Windows 10 was better than Windows 11 on the benchmark for photo and video editing in PugetBench.

Elsewhere, the Cinebench Nero Score benchmarks, which tests AI photo tagging and AVC (H.264) performance. Windows 10 also came out best in the Handbrake video codec conversion and transcoding test.

It is worth checking out the PCWorld video to see how Windows 11 performs against Windows across a variety of benchmarks.

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