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Google Contacts Receives New Highlights Tab on Android

Highlights in Google Contacts displays two options: the ability to see favorites or the most recent contacts you add or view.


Contacts is getting a new update on the platform. Specifically, the company has added a Highlights tab section to contact management. This means that there are now three tabs on the Contacts app on Android devices: Contacts, Highlights, and Fix & Manage.

This new tab joins the previous options at the bottom of the page nestled between the Contacts tab and Fix & Manage tab. When selecting the Highlights, users can see the specific sections for Favorites and Recent.

Favorites allow you to select contacts you use frequently and/or your most important contacts. You can use the search bar to locate the contact and then add them to the favorites section by selecting the option in the top-right of the screen.

As for Recent, just like the name suggests it provides a list of contacts that you have had recent usage of. It splits into two categories, Viewed recently and Added recently. This makes it easier to find those contacts that you have been involved with recently.


Google Contacts is the native contacts app for Android but is also available across platforms. All it requires is for you to sign into your Google account from iOS, Windows, the web, or other .

One of the best features of Contacts is the app contents sync across platforms and devices. This means you have access to your contacts on any platform provided you log into Google. A handy feature that builds on the cloud integration of Google Workspace and is handy if you are changing smartphones and want to sync contacts.

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