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How to Disable Windows Search on Windows 11

We show you how to disable Windows Search in Windows 11 to accomplish low power consumption and resource utilization.


is one of the essential features of Windows PCs, and it lets you use a simple search word to find applications, files, folders, and other stuff on your computer. It works by using your selected indexing choices to help you locate what you're looking for in your PC.

The indexing process occurs in the background, creating a table of contents for the files on your computer. It accomplishes this so that when you put something into the search field, it quickly knows where to locate what you're looking for.

However, keeping Search enabled will search all of your files regularly, and it might result in increased power consumption and resource utilization, which is unsuitable for those with low-end PCs.

Should I Disable Windows Search?

  • To disable Windows search reduces power usage by reclaiming resources and disc space.
  • Disabling cloud and local indexing improves privacy.
  • Background duties and procedures will be reduced, among other things. 
  • To disable Windows search is especially useful for low-end PCs struggling with several features. 
  • Disabling Windows search will help minimize your system workload, making your PC feel faster.

Disabling the Windows Search is only recommended if you are low on resources.

How To Disable Windows Search

On your Windows 11 PC, you may temporarily deactivate Windows Search by pausing the search service in the background.

  1. Click on the “Windows” icon, type in “Services,” and select “Services” from the result

    Windows 11 - Open Services

  2. On the “Services” dialogue box, double-click on the “Windows Search” to open its properties

    Windows 11 - Services - Open Windows Search

  3. Under the “General” tab, select “Disabled” from the “Startup type” dropdown menu, click on “Stop,” and then click on “OK”

    Windows 11 - Services - Windows Search - Properties - General - Startup Type Disabled - Stop Status - Accept

Everything: A Faster and More Powerful Alternative to Windows Search

Windows Search has not seen many performance improvements over the years and still runs quite slowly on Windows 11. A great Windows Search alternative is the freeware “Everything” from Voidtools, which you can pin to your taskbar as a convenient replacement.

Windows Search Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

Windows search is a complex beast, and there are various reasons why it may stop working. It may also be that Cortana encountered a problem while trying to search. Others find that they can't type in Windows search, and this can be because system files associated with the search service were corrupted. This can be combined with an error message that the Windows search service is not running in . In our other tutorial, we show you how to fix all those issues.

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