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Top Reasons to Choose CompTIA a+ Certification


This article was contributed by Sarah William who works as a content marketer for SBGV Techmagnate Digital.

Organizations must be aware of cutting-edge technology and best practices to compete, survive, and thrive. It applies to the critical competencies of the team in IT infrastructure, management, design, and implementation. CompTIA A+ certifications serve to upskill IT teams and increase their productivity.

The CompTIA A+ certification is recognized internationally as a tried and true accreditation for an organization's helpdesk team, training them for more advanced jobs.

What Is CompTIA A+ Certification? 

The CompTIA A+ certification is a beginner-level accreditation offered by the Chicago-based Computing Technology Industry Association. It provides users with unified relevant data access regardless of the access platform/devices used. CompTIA has granted over 2 million certificates to employees worldwide as the largest source of vendor-neutral IT certifications. Authorized users can configure, upgrade, and install Linux, , Windows, and IOS. They also offer certifications in networking, security, cloud computing, mobility, open-source development, and other areas.

Reasons to Choose CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ certified personnel assist the organization by supporting today's digital technologies throughout the cloud, security, and network domains and implementing industry best practices for successful IT support task management.

CompTIA A+ certification has evolved into one of the few industry-recognized credentials that prepare people to strategize on long-term goals while implementing vital IT support activities.

These certified experts are considered the option for end-to-end tech support and management responsibilities by organizations and prospective employers.

The CompTIA certifications course is also regularly revised to ensure relevancy in the constantly evolving business spectrum, and as a result, it is highly regarded by enterprises and prospective employers. Whether IT operations or technical assistance, CompTIA A+ certification is the recommended qualifying certificate to help you get established in IT.

Here are more reasons to get the CompTIA A+ certification

Improves the Baseline Security Skills

The CompTIA A+ certification provides hands-on expertise with cutting-edge computer hardware and software essentials. This certification allows you to gain extensive troubleshooting knowledge for devices such as computers, mobile phones, printers, etc.

CompTIA A+ specialists may also handle desktop installation, configuration, system updates, IT infrastructure, preventive maintenance, networking, and problem diagnosis. These are among the most sought-after abilities required to flourish in a post-pandemic environment.

Increased Salary Prospects

The CompTIA A+ certification, as an industry-recognized certificate, can jumpstart your career by raising your chances of being employed by international and established organizations such as Intel, Dell, HP, and Nissan.

Although the epidemic has delayed hiring, IT job opportunities may still be found on various job boards. The average income for CompTIA A+ certified individuals is $59,000. However, your salary will be determined by your expertise and experience; you can earn a greater wage if you have additional abilities and suitable IT certifications.

Diversified Job Roles

The CompTIA A+ certification prepares you for a variety of entry-level IT professions. Some instances are as follows: Support Specialist, Data Support Technician, Networking or Service Technician, Field Service Technician, Information Technology Specialist, Associate Network Engineer, Help Desk Technician, End-user Computing Technician, Desktop Support Administrator, and so on.

The CompTIA A+ certification, as a leading IT certification, serves as competency validation for companies by certifying your capability to learn and progress in the IT field. It also allows you to remotely or on-site. Working in such positions encourages a balanced work-life essential for a rewarding career.

It teaches Vendor-Neutral Fundamentals

The CompTIA certification teaches you vendor-independent principles. This certification is well-known for strengthening your tech knowledge core and emphasizing technical terms, and it is critical when working with various vendors.

Solving problems under SLA agreements can take time, especially when manufacturers require you to troubleshoot over the phone. While many firms send on-site service personnel to solve hardware difficulties, it is wise to be prepared for multiple cases. Mostly, the certification is advantageous here.

Join the CompTIA A+ Certified Professionals Community

 CompTIA certification owners are part of a professional community, including many you can contact for career advice and technical support. Community membership also allows you to stay updated on the newest changes.

On a national and local level, joining CompTIA's IT professional association, AITP, is also an excellent method to meet and communicate with other certification holders. Being a part of such a large community accelerates your learning and assists you in overcoming hurdles.

It Costs Less Than a Degree

Many people want to pursue a degree course before beginning a job in information technology. A years-long Computer Science degree is far more expensive than the CompTIA A+ certification, which is extremely inexpensive.

A degree can help applicants who want to work in difficult mathematical computing or CPU design. Still, if you're going to work in IT operations or technical support for a company, the CompTIA A+ certification is the safest bet.


After passing the CompTIA A+ certification exam, it is simple to renew your certifications and maintain them up to date. Advanced qualifications such as CompTIA Server+, CASP+, CompTIA Network+, and others can help you secure higher-paying positions.

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