Have you ever accidentally sent a message to the wrong contact, maybe even criticizing the person you sent to? What about sending an image to someone who was not meant to see what you’re showing? Well, WhatsApp has a solution that allows you to “Delete for Me” or “Delete for everyone”. However, it is common for someone to accidentally click “Delete for Me” and the other party will still see the message.

Well, Meta is adding an option that will be able to save your blushes. The company’s WhatsApp chief, Will Cathcart, says that there is now an undo option for “Delete for Me” when someone accidentally chooses it.

As it suggests, the option will allow users to revert back to their option and undo the delete. Then they can either choose “Delete for Everyone” or just leave the message. Of course, the “Delete for Me” option will be available again.

It is worth noting that the recipient will still see a notification if you choose “Delete for Everyone”. However, the notification will read “this message has been deleted.”

Available Now

Cathcart does not say how long this option is available for, whether a few seconds after choosing “Delete for Me” or until the recipient reads it.

While the “Undo” option is now available in chat on WhatsApp, you may not have access to it just yet. As usual, the company is rolling out the new feature in stages, with a complete introduction expected within the coming weeks. It is available on Android and iOS.

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