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5 Reasons You Need Windows 10 Professional for Your Business


This article was contributed by Bob Sharp who works as an IT consultant for Brytesoft.

When choosing an operating system for your business, selecting from the range is the obvious choice. Windows is used by billions of people the world over, and most organizations use servers that run using 's Server range of .

For sheer practicality and to optimize compatibility, it makes complete sense for businesses to opt for Windows Software. And one of the most popular, stable, and feature-rich options is Professional.  

This guide looks at the advantages to businesses of opting for Windows 10 Professional for their business computing needs.

Windows 10 Professional vs. Windows 10 Home – The Fundamental Differences

Many “off-the-shelf” computers and will ship with the Home Version of a Windows operating system pre-installed. Switch the devices on, and system differences will not immediately be apparent.

But dig a little deeper, and the story is different. Businesses need to be aware of distinct differences between the home and pro versions.

Let's look at the ubiquitous Windows 10 operating system. This will let us understand why the pro version of Windows 10 is essential for organizations and businesses.

Why Businesses should use Windows 10 Professional

In recent years, the way we work has changed forever. With a move to remote working and a greater reliance on cloud computing resources, aspects like security, collaboration, and remote access to IT resources are now essential.

When comparing the two Windows versions is immediately apparent that Windows 10 Home falls short in several of these fields. But, most damning is its inability to connect to workplace domains, and this one reason alone is enough to demand that business users opt for the pro version of Win 10.

Small businesses and startups without dedicated IT departments often fall foul of these distinctions and buy computers based on hardware specs, only to find out later that Windows 10 Home edition isn't fulfilling their needs.

Luckily, it is easy to download Windows 10 Pro and install it. It is also possible for businesses with machines running older versions of Windows (Win 7, 8, 8.1) to upgrade to Win 10 Pro.

5 Compelling reasons your business should use Windows 10 Pro

The differences between the home and pro versions of Windows should make it a no-brainer for companies to switch to Windows 10 pro. But just what does it mean in practice?

Here are the 5 top reasons for downloading and installing Windows 10 Professional:

1. Enhanced security

Windows 10 Pro is highly secure, and many additional security features are designed to keep cloud-based data and remote operations safer.

Amongst the security enhancements found in Windows 10 Professional are:

  • Built-in Antivirus protection (Windows Defender)
  • File and drive encryption protection (Bitlocker)
  • Ongoing security patches and updates

These are just a few security features that come as standard in Windows 10 Professional.

2. A familiar interface

Most computer users are already comfortable using Microsft Windows.

The interface differences between the home and pro versions are barely noticeable, if at all. The result is that training costs are kept to a bare minimum, and employees are more productive using systems they are already familiar with.

Additionally, because users are already familiar with the interface, unnecessary support issues are minimized.

3. Support for workplace domains

One of the most significant issues with running a home version of Win 10 or earlier is the lack of support for workplace domains. In practice, the home version is entirely unsuitable for working in any server-based environment.

The only solution in these instances is to organize a Windows 10 Pro download and upgrade existing systems to enable them to access workplace domains.

4. No ongoing subscription fees

Many software developers are switching from a “one-off” purchase model to a subscription model for their products. Windows 10 Pro is a one-off purchase with no limitations on the duration of use and no ongoing fees to worry about.

5. Enabling remote working and collaboration within teams

Windows 10 Pro is designed to facilitate modern working practices. With built-in support for Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform and free OneDrive storage (with a Microsoft Account), Windows 10 Pro makes remote working and collaboration easy.

Other features that help facilitate remote working and collaboration include:

  • Remote Desktop
  • Office Integration
  • Easy File Sharing


There are many compelling reasons to switch to Windows 10 Pro for business purposes and a few reasons not. Windows 10 Pro will boost productivity, enhance security, allow easy remote working, and allow devices to work in server-based environments.

Downloading and installing Windows 10 Pro is easy and doesn't cost the earth. Suppose you are running a business and haven't unlocked the power and benefits of Windows 10 Pro. You are missing a definite opportunity to boost productivity and protect your valuable digital assets.

About the author

Bob Sharp works as an IT consultant for Brytesoft and blogs frequently on all things IT.

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