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Nvidia Boasts Its Windows 11 Drivers Outperform Intel and AMD

Nvidia says it is delivering more Microsoft-certified drivers for Windows 11 and Windows 10 compared to Intel and AMD.


For millions of PC users, the quality of the graphics card may not be important. On the other hand, for millions of other users the GPU is essential to their daily work or play. While the hardware itself is fundamental to performance, the software within GPUs is also important. says that the software that underpin its GPUs provide better performance on and 10 than and AMD drivers.

Drivers provide the backbone of the GPU technology, essentially giving the hardware its fuel to run. Sen Pelletier, a Senior Program Manager for Nvidia, shows data that he says highlights the company's advantage over rivals in terms of driver support.

Pelletier says that Nvidia surpasses both AMD and Intel when it comes to its WHQL-certified drivers. Through 2021 and 2022 on and Windows 11, Nvidia rolled out five times as many drivers as AMD in 2021 and three times as many in 2022. Intel also lags behind the support Nvidia is offering, and behind AMD too.

What it Means

By the way, WHQL drivers are Windows Hardware Quality Labs drivers that are officially certified by . In other words, they have the seal of approval that the driver will be compatible with Windows and can be sent within Windows Updates.

A non-WHQL driver could be incompatible and not work or cause Windows to break.

Nvidia's data also shows that it is better at optimizing games, with the company claiming its was releasing game-ready drivers for twice as many games as AMD. Of course, Intel and AMD may refute this data and indeed all of Nvidia's boasts.

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