Featured - How to restart Chromebook

Most people should learn how to restart a Chromebook since it’s a valuable ability, whether for an OS upgrade or any other reason. Usually, a Chromebook has relatively few faults throughout its lifespan, but understanding how to solve them when they arise is critical.

Not everyone can afford the finest laptops, whether the best thin and light laptops or student laptops. Purchasing a less expensive Chromebook and knowing how to manage it is a wise decision. Chromebooks are more than enough for most people’s needs because they are unlikely to use all of the functionality included in more complicated laptops and PCs.

Unlike a typical PC or Mac, even the best Chromebook has a distinct reset and restart option or buttons. Incorrectly rebooting a Chromebook may result in the loss of work. There are correct techniques for restarting your Chromebook, which we’ll discuss in further detail below.

How Restart a Chromebook / ChromeOS Using the Power Button

Holding the Chromebook’s power button for three seconds will immediately log you out of your Google account, storing your work and status in the process and securely shutting down the Chromebook.

  1. Press and hold down the power button at the top-right corner of the keyboard to restart your Chromebook / ChromeOS

    Chromebook - Keyboard - Power Button

How to Shut down and Reboot a Chromebook / ChromeOS

To restart your Chromebook / ChromeOS normally, go to the notification area (the portion with the WiFi, power, and time) and select the power button.

This step will save your current state and work while also shutting down your Chromebook. This option completely shuts down your Chromebook / ChromeOS, allowing you to restart it manually using the power button.

  1. Click on the notification area at the bottom right corner and click on the “Shut Down” icon

    Chromebook - Click on Power Button

How to Perform a Hard Reset on a Chromebook

Any unsaved work will be lost if you execute a hard reset, so if feasible, log out manually or close all Chrome tabs before doing so. If you want to completely reset your Chromebook / ChromeOS you can use the so-called powerwash feature. All local files will be deleted once you reset your Chromebook in that way.

  1. Click on the notification area at the bottom right corner and click on “Sign out”

    Chromebook - Sign Out

  2. Hold down the “refresh” button and press the Power button on your Chromebook

    The Chromebook will instantly restart after this step.

    Chromebook - Keyboard - Hold Down Refresh Key - Press Power Button