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Microsoft is Bringing its Windows 11 Screen Recorder to the Inside

Available in the coming weeks, the Windows 11 screen recorder works through an integration with the native Snipping Tool.


Earlier this year, said it was working on bringing a Screen Recorder to . However, that much-requested feature never made it to the Windows 11 2022 Update in September. Even so, it seems Microsoft is not abandoning the idea and is ready to launch a preview in the coming weeks.

A post (now removed, via Windows Latest) in the Windows Insider Feedback Hub shows that Microsoft is ready to launch the Windows 11 Screen recording feature in beta.

The post was referencing a new update for the Windows Snipping Tool, which will bring it to version 11.2211.11.0. It seems this build will introduce a screen recording facility That will be available on Windows 11 through the Snipping Tool.

How it Works

Until now, users have needed to use third-party solutions for screen recording. Microsoft's native solution will drop on the Dev channel for Insiders first before reaching public later. In the post, Microsoft also discusses how to use the recorder on Windows 11:

    1. “Open Start menu > All apps > Snipping Tool.
    2. Select the record button and switch to Record mode from Snip mode.
    3. Click on the new +New button.
    4. Select a portion of the screen. To do this, simply click and hold, and drag the cursor across the screen.
    5. Select the desired area of the screen and release the mouse button.
    6. Resize the selected area.
    7. Select the Start button when you are satisfied with your selected area. This would be visible in the overlay menu.
    8. Once the countdown ends, the recording of the selected region will automatically begin.
    9. You can stop the record and save the captured footage by clicking on the red stop button in the overlay menu.”

Tip of the day: Windows now has a package manager similar to Linux called “Winget”. In our tutorial, we show you how to install and use this new tool that allows the quick installation of apps via PowerShell or a GUI.

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