The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is opening a semiconductor plant in Arizona, with the site to become operational in 2024. Bloomberg reports that the company will build 4nm processors at the factory, due to demand from Apple, which is TSMC’s biggest customer.

Apple makes up 25% of the total revenue TSMC makes each year, so the plant will bring US-made 4nm chips to help supply Cupertino.

While the manufacturing plant is not official yet official, it is expected that President Joe Biden will announce it soon. Biden and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo are due to visit Phoenix, Arizona.

Apple will source some of its chips from the facility, and CEO Tim Cook is expected to visit the location next week. TSMC expects a workload of 20,000 wafers each month, with Apple taking around a third of those.

TSMC is investing heavily in the United States and Arizona. The company is also working on another plant that will produce 3nm chips. However, that location will not become operational until 2025.

Apple’s Manufacturing Woes

Apple is eager to expand its manufacturing base, sourcing from more companies and locations than before. Relying on a one manufacturer can cause problems. For example, the company is facing millions of fewer iPhone 14 Pro shipments this year due to issues at Foxconn’s main plant in China.

I previously reported on Apple facing a major reduction in the number of iPhone Pro (iPhone 14 Pro) models due to ongoing disruptions at Foxconn’s largest manufacturing plant in China.

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