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WhatsApp Debuts New Self-Messaging Feature

WhatsApp “Message Yourself” allows users to chat directly with themselves and pin the chat to the top of the conversations list.


has been rolling out plenty of interesting features this year, such as Communities, who sees you online, and Call Links. In the latest ability expansion, the app is adding the tool that makes it easy to chat with yourself.

Known as “Message Yourself,” the new feature allows you to send notes, lists, and reminders to yourself directly on WhatsApp.

The Meta-owned company announced the new feature this week, saying it will come to all and iOS users this month. Beta testers have already been using the tool. This seems to be a gradual rollout that WhatsApp says is already underway.

That means you may see the new feature now but may also need to wait a few weeks. Either way, Message Yourself finally introduces the ability to chat with yourself as a native feature. Previously, users needed to use the “click to chat” tool.

While you may think this is not an important tool, it is actually quite useful. In WhatsApp, it is possible to pin chats to yourself at the top of the conversations list. This makes it something of an on-the-fly task managing feature.

Recent Data Dump

Last week, I reported on a data dump of WhatsApp phone numbers, with around 500 million numbers becoming available online.

 A database was recently put up for sale with around 487 million WhatsApp user phone numbers across 84 countries. There are around 2 billion people who use WhatsApp around the world, so this leak involves around 25 percent of the company's entire user base.

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