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Twitter Once Again Considering Increasing the Character Limit on Tweets

Twitter CEO Elon Musk says the company is working on increasing the character limits of tweets, potentially up to 1,000 characters.


is currently focusing on throwing features at the micro-blogging site to see which ones stick. New CEO has confirmed this approach, saying some features will work and others won't. This week a new multi-color verification system will debut. However, Twitter is also returning to a long-term possibility, increasing the character limit on posts.

Musk says the company is looking into implementing this change. Replying to a user suggestion, the chief twit says that “it's on the todo list”.

Importantly, this is different to the Twitter Notes feature the company is working on. In terms of Twitter Notes, the feature will bring arguably the biggest change to the platform in years. After all, Twitter is a micro-blogging network famous for its short-form posting. In fact, it is what separates the company from any other information platform.

Aside from Notes, Twitter is also working on increasing the character limit of standard tweets. It is worth noting the user requested tweets of 1,000 characters. Musk doesn't say whether this will be the limit or not.

Back in 2017 when the company increased the character limit of Tweets from 140 to 280.


Musk caused controversy last month when he said the company would start charging users $20 per month for their checkmark.

That later became $8 per month to have an account that is verified. Twitter did debut its monthly verification scheme as well as an “Official” checkmark. That “Official” tag lasted less than 24 hours, while the monthly Blue Tick subscription was also taken away.

Twitter has since said it has no plans to relaunch that verification system until it can reduce impersonator accounts. Musk said Twitter would ban impersonator accounts without warning but it is a long battle ahead.

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