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Remote Desktop Is Not Working on Windows 11 22H2, but Task Manager Can Help

Microsoft says using Task Manager can thwart a current Remote Desktop issue in Windows 11 22H2, and here we’ll show you how.


has been dealing with a bunch of issues following the release of 2022 Update (22H2). There have been printer issues, broken Windows Hello, and problems with the SSL/TLS handshake. In its latest report, Microsoft confirms a new issue affecting relating to the .

Specifically, Microsoft points out that the Remote Desktop app can randomly stop working when running on Windows 11 22H2:

“After installing Windows 11, version 22H2 (also called Windows 11 2022 Update), the Windows Remote Desktop application might stop responding when connecting via a Remote Desktop gateway or Remote Desktop Connection Broker.


This issue can be observed when the client is at the “Loading virtual machine” or “Configuring remote connection” steps, and might occur regardless of the OS version installed on the remote computer. In some cases, the error message “Your Remote Desktop Services session has ended” can appear.”

Interestingly, users will probably not have this issue when using a different connection process. That is why Microsoft is providing a workaround that includes using the Windows . According to the company, using the Task Manager to find the process mstsx.exe and end it will resolve the issue for now.

If you are unsure how to do this, check out our tutorial for Identifying and Killing Any Process in Windows.


Microsoft also suggest that there is a way to add a Group Policy to disable UDP and stop the issuing happening:

  • Open the appropriate Group Policy editor.
    • ​For managed devices (common for enterprises and organizations), open the Group Policy Management Console and create or edit a policy that targets your clients
    • ​For unmanaged devices (common for home users), open the Group Policy Editor. This can be accomplished by opening the Start Menu and typing group policy. Select Edit group policy from the results
  • ​Using the right-side panel, browse to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection Client
  • ​From the left-side panel, double-click the policy setting Turn Off UDP On Client and set it to Enabled
  • ​Select OK and restart your device(s) to apply the policy setting

Although, the company says this method comes with a compromise of reduced performance. Microsoft says users who choose this workaround should remember to revert back (enable UDP) when a permanent fix for the Remote Desktop issue is available. Speaking of that fix, Microsoft says it is currently working on a patch that will arrive in the coming weeks.

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