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Online Shopping: Where to Track Your Orders and Why Is Parcel Tracking Crucial for Ecommerce


This article was contributed by Eric Mears who works as a Senior Strategy Consultant at Nielsen Norman Group.

Tracking services For Tracing Your Orders Online

Online shopping is made easy with order tracking because tracking gives you an idea of where your parcel is located at all times.

Online Shopping: Where to Track Your Orders

Online shopping is an amazing way to get goods delivered to your doorstep. Unfortunately, there can be delays in transit, especially toward the end of the year. If you are expecting an international order or even locally shipped parcels, you can always follow up on your delivery and shipping status using the right package tracking websites.

Where Can I Track My Package?

When you place an international order, the vendor will attach a tracking number to the package and send it via email most of the time. You can use this number on Ordertracker’s website and turn on a notification for each time there is a significant change in the location of your order in transit. This way you will be updated via email.

What is Ordertracker?

Ordertracker is a website for tracking international parcels from different parts of the world. The website was designed to sync with over 800 posts across the globe. This means that almost every item you buy online can be tracked through the package tracking site as long as the post you use is in the platform’s directory.

When you want to track a package with a parcel tracking tool, all you have to do is copy the order number, go to Ordertracker’s website, paste the tracking number, and search. In just a few seconds, you will find details about the location of your order and the transition history as well.

Package tracking isn’t just an effective tool for individual buyers. Vendors will also significantly benefit from having their products available for tracking. While some other platforms simply tell you where the product is, parcels tracking sites show you more vivid details like the time it took to get to a particular location. You will also get an estimated delivery date for the product.

Why is Order Tracking Important to Vendors?

Below are some of the reasons to implement order tracking in your e-commerce business.

Builds a trusting relationship

While customers already expect big brands to provide accurate tracking information for their international parcels, they are more impressed when it comes from small-scale vendors. If you have a website, make sure you integrate directly with it so each product will be tracked automatically. However, you can take things a step further by sending your customers direct tracking updates via email.

Save efforts cutting unnecessary support & manage your inventory

The most important goal for every vendor is to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the products and services they receive. The question Where Is My Order (or WISMO), accounted for between 60 and 75% of the support workload, depending on the shipping delays provided by the store and the origins of the product. With a tracking tool, you can potentially reduce your support drastically, providing an answer before the question is asked.

You can also use tracking APIs in order to manage your inventory in the supply chain and even automate it in order to never be out of merchandise to sell. This technique is becoming popular among Shopify stores, where it’s much easier to add features by using Shopify plugins and apps.

Take Full Control of the Shipping Process

Some vendors may cut off communication with the buyer right after they ship their order. However, integrating the tracking system and following it up on your own will give you more control over the shipping process. When there are delays, you can pacify the customer so they do not have to struggle with tracking themselves.

Tracking your order is not a luxury. It is a necessity if you want to ensure a smooth transition from the original purchase to the doorstep delivery. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, there are many benefits to using Ordertracker for online delivery tracking. The simple process only takes a few minutes as long as you have an internet-enabled device.

Returning visitors and Upsells

Returning visitors are one of the most valuable customers but also the easiest to target when having the right approach. Studies have shown that returning customers tend to spend around 33% more than new customers, but how to approach them ? By mailing them offers? If you manage to get a 2.5% click-through rate, you will already be above the market.

But a case study has been made, where the CTR was 92% when you provide your customer with relevant information for them, and it was indeed, where their purchased products are right now. There are various upsell strategies, but by mailing the tracking status of an order provides you with the best opportunity to upsell, and engage your customers combined with relevant content for them.

As E-Commerce currently accounts for almost 30% of global revenues, and these numbers are expected to double in the next 10 years, it is key to use its disadvantages toward physical shopping, which are mainly delivery delays as an asset.

About the author

Eric Mears is a Senior Strategy Consultant at Nielsen Norman Group.

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