Microsoft’s SwiftKey Makes Surprising Return to iOS

Microsoft is bringing back SwiftKey to iOS after originally removing the app permanently in October, and is committing to investing in new features.

Back in October, removed its SwiftKey virtual keyboard from Apple's iOS platform. At the time, the company said this was a decision that would be permanent. Well, permanent as in less than two months. Microsoft now says it is reinstating on 's platform.

Pedram Rezaei (@pedram_re), Microsoft Maps & Local Services Division CTO, took to Twitter to confirm SwiftKey's comeback. In the tweet, Rezaei said Microsoft reversed its decision based on customer demand. It seems SwiftKey users caused enough traction for Microsoft to change its mind.

Furthermore, the Microsoft exec says not only is SwiftKey returning to iOS, but the company is going to be “investing heavily in the keyboard”.

There are features in the pipeline although Microsoft is not yet detailing what they are. Microsoft has still also not said the reason why it wanted to remove SwiftKey.


Microsoft's SwiftKey is a popular mobile virtual keyboard, at least on Android. However, on iOS the app has been mostly neglected and has been without since back in 2021. So, it is good that Microsoft is confirming a recommitment to the keyboard.

SwiftKey came under Microsoft's umbrella in 2016 when the company purchased the company for $250 million. Since then, the company has issued regular updates on Android and iOS, until last year when updates on iOS stopped.

You can download SwiftKey for iOS from the App Store, and the Android version is available from the Google Play Store.

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