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5 Good Reasons to Move to the Azure Cloud Services


This article was contributed by Luna Bell who works as a digital marketing and eCommerce expert working for various clients in the tech industry.

Azure cloud services are top-rated. For those considering using them, we will tell you about the main advantages of these services, thanks to which they have become the choice of many people and companies. In particular, we are talking about business at different levels.

Why cloud technology has become so popular

First of all, it is worth answering the question of what is meant by this term. We are talking about interconnected remote servers using Internet technologies, which frees up the local server or user's computer for more specialized tasks and information.

If we talk about cloud services, they are different in their functionality. For example, they can:

  • run programs;
  • process and manage data;
  • perform only the function of data storage.

In a word, the set of options depends specifically on what the developers have provided. Now let's move on to those specific advantages of using Azure Cloud Services.

Five good reasons to move to the Azure Cloud services

1. Ability to scale resources

In cases with other services, the user often has to pay for functionality, part of which he does not use. This is not the case with Azure, as you can choose the features you need. In this case, the question arises of what to do if the business expands and the selected opportunities are no longer enough. There is nothing problematic about this. Servers can be scaled out if necessary.

2. Reducing the cost of infrastructure

The Azure service allows you to minimize the costs that would otherwise go to a list of expense items associated with the maintenance of a local server. You do not need to install a server, update it, keep specialists responsible for it and have a room with a powerful climate control system for this. Cloud technologies make it possible to optimize this process, reducing your costs. This benefit is one of the main reasons for making an Azure migration decision.

3. Availability of high-quality disaster recovery function

Companies need to keep their data. The developers of the Azure cloud service have provided this. There are both regional and global backup options. Therefore, your business will be protected from data loss, even in critical situations.

For every company, server failures are a concern. But now, thanks to Azure, it's not scary. It ensures the continuity of the functioning of the business's information component and has the option of emergency recovery of all IT systems. At the same time, a significant advantage for you will be that you do not need to expand the costs of secondary infrastructure.

4. High Security

Understanding how important it is for business owners to protect their data, Azure developers paid a lot of attention to the issue of security. Moreover, Corporation, which owns this service, constantly invests in making more reliable.

5. Availability of a wide range of options

A large number of options make Azure an effective solution for a large number of businesses. Among them, everyone can find and select the desired function. For example, the Azure Stack extension is popular. It has already been evaluated by those companies for which the clarity and correctness of calculations in the local environment are critical.

Additional Benefits

In addition to these five key highlighted benefits, there are also many other relevant ones. The advantages of the Azure cloud service, which are not included in this TOP-5, can be listed as follows:

  • The efficiency of work. This is achieved through well-equipped communications between data centers.
  • Continuous innovation. Specialists who develop the service know that business in a dynamically developing world operates in a challenging and competitive environment. Therefore, the cloud technologies used in companies' work must correspond to their needs. With Azure, it's real.
  • Flexible policy of communication with users. Azure developers recognize that today's cloud service users must pay for exclusively used functionality. Therefore, interaction with companies is based on this principle.
  • Global coverage. This service operates worldwide. Wherever your business is located, it will be helpful to you.


Summing up the benefits of the Azure cloud service, it is worth noting that it goes far beyond what people are used to getting from services of this kind. This is a place to store data and a tool equipped with many extensions and programs. It is this feature that is the key to the innovative structure of Azure.

You can store data and perform many other operations by choosing and paying for the exact application formats you need. Thus, everything is based on ensuring the variability of interaction and the choice of optimal options for your company. If these advantages are significant for your enterprise, you should pay attention to the Azure cloud service.

About the author

Luna is a creative freelance writer, digital marketing and eCommerce expert working for various clients in the tech industry.



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