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Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees to Fall in Line or Leave

Elon Musk is telling Twitter staff they have until tomorrow to conform with strict new working conditions or leave the company.


is running in a bombastic way and has already released thousands of employees. Now, the new chief Twit and company CEO says employees can choose to sign a new commitment or simply lose their jobs.

In an email sent this morning to staff, Elon Musk says employees who want to stay with the company must sign the new agreements by 5 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday. If they do not, they can depart with severance pay.

Musk has driven Twitter into a more hardcore company. Amongst the new commitments employees must work longer hours with more intensive workloads with “only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade.”

Previously, Musk has also said Twitter must work at the office, putting an end to work from home options that have been in place since the pandemic. Musk admits Twitter is not financially viable in its current state.

New Twitter

Having fewer employees and making them work harder can cut costs. The CEO has also started charging users $8 per month to have the Twitter Blue account verification tag. That decision disgruntled plenty of users.

Musk says to appease them, he will clamp down on impersonator accounts with instant bans unless they show they are parody accounts.

Since taking over Twitter, Musk says the company will throw new features at the platform. New tools that work will remain while less successful additions will be removed. After closing his $44bn acquisition, Musk reinstated the accounts of previously banned people, such as Donald Trump.

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