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Microsoft Suspended 5 Million Xbox Accounts in 6 Months, Transparency Report Shows

Microsoft’s Xbox Transparency Report shows that the company has issued suspensions to millions of accounts over a six-month period.


's and platforms are thriving. Like any platform that is growing and popular, Xbox faces its fair share of scam accounts, fake accounts, or just account holders who break the T&Cs of service. In the first-ever Xbox Transparency Report, Microsoft highlights how many accounts it has suspended during a six-month period.

According to the company, it took 7.31 million “enforcement actions” through the period January 1 to June 30, 2022. These are instances where the company acts against an account for breaking terms of service.

Of that number, 4.5 million ended with the account being suspended temporarily or permanently. 2.43 million of those accounts were both suspended, and Microsoft needed to remove content. 196,000 accounts needed their content removed.

Microsoft usually provides this kind of information in its annual Digital Safety Content Report. However, Xbox is doing so well that the company now thinks it needs its own Xbox Transparency Report.

According to the company, the rising number of account actions comes from an improvement in its detection and enforcement technology.


4.33 million accounts got removed for violations such as , piracy, , cheating (in-game), or spamming. Next, 1.05 million accounts were suspended for profanity and speech violations. Microsoft adds a further 814,000 were suspended for sexual content, while 759,000 were for bullying and/or harassment.

I reported on Microsoft's confirmation that Xbox Game Pass is making loads of cash. Subscription revenue was $2.9 billion for the fiscal period ending January 2021. Doing the math based on the price of subscriptions, Game Pass had between 18 and 19 million customers at that time.

Microsoft also said Xbox Cloud Gaming has been used by 20 million people since its launch.

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