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Nvidia Announces New Research-Capable High Performance Computing (HPC) Software

Nvidia has revealed new research-focused solutions as well as the EODT weather research system with Lockheed Martin.


has today announced it is expanding its high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities with a set of new software. According to the chip giant, the new platforms will help research projects. The announcement was made at the annual Supercomputing 2022 (SC22) event.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has chosen Nvidia and its partner Lockheed Martin to develop a new computing system. Known as the Earth Observation Digital Twin (EODT), the new system can process various types of data in geophysics, such as solar wind, sea temperature, winds, and more.

With the data, EOTD can offer climate and weather visualizations to help research.

Based in the cloud, EOTD runs on Web Services (AWS) and has Nvidia's DGX and OVX data center appliances. These feature GPUs that are optimized to handle powerful workloads such as . As for Lockheed Martin, its OpenRosetta3D application will collect geophysics data.

New Edge Solution

Also at SC22, Nvidia revealed a new platform that will drive research projects by providing more efficient data movement. The company points to challenges researchers face when sending data from one facility to another.

“To overcome this problem, Nvidia has introduced a high-performance computing platform that combines edge computing and AI to capture and consolidate streaming data from scientific edge instruments, and then allow devices to talk to each other over long distances,” Senior Product Manager Geetika Gupta says in a blog post.

The new platform uses Nvidia's Holoscan, MetroX-3, and BlueField-3 processors.

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