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Microsoft Edge Is Receiving a New “Touch Mode”

Spotted by testers on the Canary channel, Touch Mode in Microsoft Edge improves the browser on touchscreen devices.


is a cross-platform browser but there is no doubt it is best suited to certain scenarios, such as running on desktop with mouse and keyboard input. wants to change that and make Edge a more touch-friendly experience.

To achieve that, the company is testing a new “Touch Mode” that can be found on the Microsoft Edge Canary channel. However, it is currently only available to select users on the testing channel and not everyone.

Even so, Touch Mode does exactly what it says on the tin, providing more touch-friendly controls and menus for Edge.

This information comes from Reddit user Leo Varela, who is one of the testers to receive Touch Mode and showed images of the new feature in action. Looking at the screenshots, it seems the new mode will be available within the Settings Page in the browser. Users can toggle off/on the Touch Mode under the “Touch” section.


Yeah, that sounds inconvenient but luckily there is also an auto mode where Edge detects when the browser is being used on a touchscreen device. When this happens, it will automatically activate Touch Mode if the setting is enabled.

So, how does this look? Well, the corners in Touch Mode have a different UI and are more rounded, while there are more spaces. Varela also explains that there is also a new “Always open favorites in new tab” option in the test build.

While Touch Mode does not seem to be a bottom-to-top reimagining of the Edge touch experience, it will hopefully make the browser more functional on specific devices.

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