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Google Search Now Surfaces Info on Europe’s Energy Crisis

Google Search now offers resources and information on the mounting energy crisis in Europe, including info on financial assistance.


is receiving new features to provide helpful information on the energy crisis in Europe. New tools rolling out to Search provide new features and direct articles covering the subject. Furthermore, will also highlight local information based on the user's location, as well as what financial assistance is available.

There will also be actions on Google Search to help users conserve energy, such as from the International Energy Agency.

“Starting today, when people search for information on the energy landscape in Europe, they'll see dedicated features with helpful and reliable information. When you search for things like ‘Europe energy crisis' and ‘energy price', you'll see news articles, local information including financial assistance that may be available, and recommended actions from the International Energy Agency to help conserve energy.”

Europe – which relies heavily on gas from – has been plunged into an energy crisis. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the following condemnation from European countries, most nations reduced how much gas they buy from Russia as an economic penalty.


Either way, Russian president Vladimir Putin was also planning to cut the gas as punishment for sanctions from EU nations. With gas supplies short, energy companies have hiked prices causing an economic and energy crisis.

Governments are providing financial assistance in the form of price caps and other measures. Google Search is now helping users to discover that assistance more easily while also having access to information about the ongoing crisis.

Google says the new features are coming to 29 European countries in 22 languages.

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