Featured - How to delete all emails on Gmail

Whether your Gmail account is overflowing or you want to clean it out, knowing how to delete all emails from your Gmail inbox will enable you to start again. Free webmail services do not have the same storage capacity limitations as they did initially. It may be helpful to empty your inbox for various reasons.

You can free up some online space because your inbox has been clogged with old emails or because you’ve archived all of your emails offline. Whatever the cause, starting over on Gmail is a relatively straightforward process.

While the Gmail interface is relatively easy to use and comprehend, working on several emails simultaneously may be painful. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to delete everything in Gmail and remove all emails with specific senders, receivers, and labels. The good news is that you can swiftly organize large amounts of emails in one go using these tips.

How to Delete all Emails in Gmail

The most straightforward approach to deleting all emails in Gmail is to go through each category individually. We will start with the “Primary” section for this guide. Click to choose the tab you wish to delete.

  1. Select the inbox tab you wish to delete the emails from

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Select Inbox Tab

  2. Check the “Tick Box” and click on the “Delete” icon

    After you click on the delete icon, it will only delete the emails which are currently shown inside the “Primary” inbox tab will be deleted. To delete every single one of the emails, follow along in the next step.

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Select Inbox Tab - Select All on Page

  3. Check the “Tick Box”, click on “Select all (Number of Emails) conversations in Primary” and click on the “Delete Icon”

    This is how to delete emails in bulk from your Gmail inbox. These steps will delete all your emails in the “Primary” tab. Follow the same steps for “Social” and “Promotions”.

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Select Inbox Tab - Select All in Tab

How to Delete Emails from a Label

The following method is very much similar to the previous one. You can quickly delete all the emails you have organized under different labels. In this case, the label is “My Folder”.

  1. Select the label from the sidebar, check the “Tick Box” and click on the “Delete” icon

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com Label - Select All - Delete

How to Delete all unread Emails from Gmail

You can easily delete your unread emails from your inbox quickly. Follow along.

  1. On the search bar, type in “is:unread”, check the “Tick Box” and click on the “Delete” icon

    Typing in “is:unread” will find all unread emails everywhere. Whether it’s inside “Primary”, “Promotion”, or “Social,” it’s the quickest way to select and delete all the unread emails from the Gmail inbox. This method will come in handy if you have subscribed to many companies.

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Unread - Select All - Delete

Delete all Emails using a Search

Like the previous method, we can use the search box to mass delete emails in Gmail. Knowing what to type is the trick in this case. The most typical commands are as follows:

You may search only your inbox using labels, such as “label:inbox“, which provides you access to all your emails under one label.

To: it enables you to look up all emails addressed to a specific individual.

All emails with the subject line “From:” are from that individual.

  1. Type in “label:<label name>” to find all the emails in that label, check the “Tick Box” and click on the “Delete” icon

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Search - Inbox - Select All - Delete

  2. Type in “to:< receiver’s email>”, check the “Tick Box” and click on the “Delete” icon

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Search - To - Select All - Delete

  3. Type in “from:< sender’s email>”, check the “Tick Box” and click on the “Delete” icon

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Search - From - Select All - Delete

  4. Chain multiple requests, type in different requests as shown, check the “Tick Box”, and click on the “Delete” icon¬†

    Specifically to this guide, we typed in “label:inbox is:unread from:Windows Central“. So, Gmail found each email from Windows Central in the inbox label and was unread.¬†

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Search - Multiple Request - Select All - Delete

  5. Select the advanced search option by clicking on the icon next to the search bar

    Clicking on the advanced search option will open up the UI, where you can extensively search and find different emails according to your needs.

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Filters

  6. Fill in the fields according to your requirement, and click on “Search”

    If you prefer to avoid using the search box manually, Gmail provides you with advanced search option.

    You can select any specific word and search for it inside the emails. You can also mention any word that should not be in your search. Specify different Sizes and Dates and much more.

    Windows 11 - Gmail.com - Filters - Search

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