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Windows 11 Start Menu Ads Are Now a Thing

Microsoft is back advertising on the Windows 11 Start menu, with promos for OneDrive and Microsoft Accounts spotted.


has been increasingly building sneaky ads into various parts of the experience. Whether it is putting ads in or in Office Online, Microsoft was forced to remove ads it placed on Windows apps in 2019. Not even the Start menu has escaped the ad treatment, and now Microsoft is at it again.

Microsoft watcher, Albacore, took to Twitter to highlight a OneDrive promotions that are appearing on the user sessions flyout in the Start menu. This is appearing on recent Windows 11 Dev Channel preview builds.

Albacore has also noticed other ads, such as prompting Windows 11 users to sign up for a Microsoft Account.

It's easy enough to dismiss the ads, but they raise the question of whether Microsoft should be doing any kind of advertising on Windows 11. Back in 2017, the company brought ad banners to the Microsoft Store.

Ads on Windows

Of course, in theory, the company has every right to advertise its own products on its own platform. This is not a or situation. Microsoft is not gathering data to give ads for profits.

Interestingly, Microsoft is developing a new affordable PC that will run Windows 11 through the cloud via Windows 365. This device will be more affordable because Microsoft will rely on subscriptions and advertising.

In July 2021, Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC, a virtual version of the OS available in the cloud. It is a Cloud PC or PC-as-a-service platform where Microsoft does all the heavy lifting.

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