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Samsung Firmware Is Bricking Galaxy Watch 4 Wearables

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users are reporting their device is bricking following a recent firmware update. Samsung responds.


Firmware – like any type of software update – can be risky. While you think you are getting new features and/or improvements, updates can also break devices and systems. Anyone who follows software updates knows that. It seems Galaxy Watch 4 users are facing problems with firmware released by .

R8xxXXU1GV13 from Samsung is bricking the company's Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch. In terms of firmware bugs, this is about as bad as it gets. Issues with functionality are one thing, but the whole device becoming a brick is something quite special.

According to users, when they apply the firmware update their watch will turn off to finalize the patch but it will not come back on.

The message is clear, avoid this update. That will be easier now because Samsung has put a block and is no longer releasing it. If you already have the update, keep your Galaxy Watch 4 on and don't let the battery run down.


If you already have the update and your device is a brick, it is time to head to your local Samsung service center.

Samsung has issued the following statement to address the issue:

“Dear Samsung Customer,

We are aware that a limited number of Galaxy Watch4 series models are not turning on following a recent software (GVI3) update.

We have halted the update and will release a new software shortly.

We recommend consumers experiencing this issue with their Galaxy Watch4 series to visit their nearest Samsung service center or call a contact center.

Thank you.”

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