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Elon Musk May Scrap Idea to Charge $20 for Twitter Verification Badges

As Elon Musk looks to monetise Twitter, his plan to charge people for their Blue Tick verification is not going down well.


One of the biggest tech stories of the year has been 's $44 billion takeover of . Not because of the acquisition (big news in itself) but the pantomime that has surrounded it. From a legal battle to Musk saying controversial figures will be back on the platform. Furthermore, the outgoing billionaire also said he would charge $20 per month for users to keep their blue verification check icons.

However, after plenty of pushback Musk seems to be reconsidering this particular plan. Musk originally said user with a Blue Tick to verify their accounts would need to pay $20 per month to keep it.

Many celebrities and important users have the Blue Tick to separate them as an official account and not a copy. In other words, it tells users the person is who they say they are.

Musk said users with verification would have 90 days to join the paid program or their Blue Tick would be taken away. In response, thousands of prominent and regular Twitter users hit out at the plan.

Push Back

One was author Steven King, who joined thousands of other people in saying he would simply leave the platform. In a response directly to King, Musk said the system would allow Twitter to pay the bills before proposing a smaller cost of $8 per month.

And he also exposed one of the big problems with Twitter… it doesn't make a profit. After pumping over $40bn into the company, Musk is clearly looking for ways to monetise the platform. Twitter supports ads, but there are concerns Musk's plan to reintroduce controversial users could put off advertisers.

It seems Musk will have to head back to the drawing board for ways to make money on Twitter.

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