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Microsoft Teams Now Has Intelligent Message Translation on Mobile

Microsoft Teams on iOS and Android now supports Intelligent message translation for AI translations in over 100 languages.


Teams has had an inline intelligent message translation on the web since 2018, and now that same ability is coming to the mobile version of the app. Available for on iOS and , the feature brings artificial intelligence (AI)-backed translation.

With Intelligent message translation, Microsoft Teams on mobile can provide translations for messages sent during a chat. Messages translate from the preferred used language to one of over 100 languages Teams supports.

“When collaborators are chatting in different languages, the intelligent message translation feature uses their account preferences to inform the user when they would benefit from translation, and then personalizes chat translation behavior,” says Microsoft.

This translation experience is available in the latest release of Microsoft Teams for iOS & Android mobile devices. By default, your translation language will be set to your Teams language.

If you want to change your default language:

  1. Tap your profile picture in Teams.
  2. Tap Settings. under General, select Translation. From there, you can customize your translation settings.
  3. Teams supports translation to and from more than 100 languages.”

How it Works

Microsoft Teams automatically does the translation whenever the user enables the feature. The app sends a notification to tell the user when they receive a message in a language they do not normally use.

If the user knows the language, they can simply tap the “Never translate (language)” button to remove the message. Teams will remember and no longer prompt for this language.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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