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Google Backs Down on Amazon Fire TV OS Restrictions

Google and Amazon have reached an agreement that will allow smart TV manufacturers like TCL and Xiaomi to install Fire TV OS on their smart TVs.


's Fire TV OS may find its way onto more smart TVs following what seems to be an agreement between Amazon and . Reports suggest Google has agreed to ease restrictions for TV platforms using the Fire TV OS.

Essentially, this decision means brands such as Hisense and TCL can now provide Amazon's operating system on their TVs.

This all stems from a report last week by the Competition Commission of India (CCI). In that paper, the regulator revealed how Google was using restrictive policies against Amazon and TV OEMs. According to Amazon, there are seven TV brands that cannot use Fire TV OS because it would be in violation of an agreement they have for Android with Google.

These companies also produce Android devices, including smartphones, and they are concerned Google would punish them on other products.

“In several cases, the OEM has indicated that it cannot work with Amazon despite a professed desire to do so in connection with smart TVs. In others, the OEM has tried and failed to obtain ‘permission' from Google.”


However, it now seems Google has relented and reached a deal with Amazon. That will allow , Hisense, and other brands to place Fire TV OS on their smart TVs.

TCL has already announced it will launch Fire TV products in Europe, while Hisense and Xiaomi had previously pre-emptively made similar announcements.

Google has yet to make this official and there is a chance no announcement will be made. Although, Amazon may provide some sort of official confirmation.

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