Microsoft: Windows 10 October Patch Tuesday Broke OneDrive

Microsoft says the October Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 is causing OneDrive to randomly fail and create more syncing problems.


Patch Tuesday, man. 's monthly rollup of to fix issues across services always ends up causing separate problems. For October Patch Tuesday, Microsoft says an update for 22H2 is causing problems with OneDrive.

When installing and running the KB5018410 update, users might see OneDrive randomly close for no reason. If this happens, the file-sharing/ app will surface an error if the user attempts one of the following:

  • Sign out or unlink your account in the sync app.
  • Unlink sites or folders from syncing to your device from or Microsoft Teams sites.
  • Uninstalling the OneDrive sync app might fail.

Microsoft points out that this problem affects OneDrive for Business and the standard OneDrive client on Windows 10.


In its confirmation and advisory, Microsoft says the problem affects all supported client versions of Windows 10. That means Windows 10 (22H2), Windows 10 (21H2), Windows 10 (21H1), and Windows 10 (20H2).

There is currently no fix available and no workaround:

Next steps: We are working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in the coming week.”

So, the best option for users who access OneDrive on Windows 10 is to avoid installing the Patch Tuesday update.

This is the second major incident caused by October Patch Tuesday. This week, Microsoft sent out KB5018496 to fix a 2022 Update patch regarding an issue with SSL/TLS handshakes.

The update that caused the issues was a Windows security update that landed on October 11 alongside the overall Patch Tuesday releases. It resulted in affected Windows 11 2022 Update devices seeing the error SEC_E_ILLEGAL_MESSAGE within apps that are connected to servers.

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