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OpenAI DALL-E Image Generation Is Now Available in Shutterstock

Shutterstock is partnering with OpenAI to bring the DALL-E AI image generator to creators through a new web portal.


Stock image giant Shutterstock has today announced a pivotal new collaboration with , which will integrate the AI researcher's image generation technology into the platform. Creators and users will now be able to access content created by the DALL-E image generator AI.

This integration will be available through a dedicated site known as Shutterstock.ai. Shutterstock and OpenAI have been partner since 2021, with the former helping to train DALL-E:

“The data we licensed from Shutterstock was critical to the training of DALL-E,” said Sam Altman, OpenAI's CEO. “We're excited for Shutterstock to offer DALL-E images to its customers as one of the first deployments through our API, and we look forward to future collaborations as artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of artists' creative workflows.”

Shutterstock says the new integration and platform will allow creators to generate new income streams. According to the company, it is also ensuring that the AI continues to develop by following ethical best practices.


has recently announced its use of DALL-E within Azure OpenAI Service and on through the Microsoft Designer app. A long-time major partner of OpenAI, Microsoft was also pivotal in the development of the AI.

To develop the AI, Microsoft built a supercomputer exclusive for OpenAI that runs on Azure. This is the same supercomputer that also trained OpenAI's GPT-3. Microsoft has an exclusive license of the GPT-3 API with OpenAI.

This week, it has been widely reported that OpenAI is looking for Microsoft to further invest in the group. Microsoft has previously invested $1 billion towards developing technology with OpenAI.

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