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OpenAI Inc., a long-time partner of Microsoft, is seeking a new round of funding from the software giant. Microsoft has previously invested $1 billion in the artificial intelligence group and started a fruitful collaboration with the research teams.

According to The Information, OpenAI is now in advanced talks about Microsoft investing more into the group. It is not known how much investment the group is asking for. It is also known what OpenAI will give Microsoft in exchange if anything at all.

The report suggests the group currently has a valuation of around $20 billion in the stock sale from 2021.

Microsoft was a $1 billion investor in OpenAI in 2019, which allows Azure to power all cloud services from the open-source AI provider. Microsoft has also since won an exclusive license of the GPT-3 API from OpenAI.


Back at Ignite 2022 this month, Microsoft announced its latest project with GPT-3.  

Select developers using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service will soon be able to access the DALL∙E 2 AI, which specialises in generating realistic images from art and adding a natural language description to them.

By leveraging DALL∙E 2 in Azure OpenAI Service, developers get cloud infrastructure that combines the innovative text-to-image capabilities of the AI with the compliance, security, and certifications of Microsoft’s cloud products.

To develop the DALL∙E 2 AI, Microsoft built a supercomputer exclusive for OpenAI that runs on Azure. This is the same supercomputer that also trained OpenAI’s GPT-3.

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