What Are the Best Apps for Microsoft Teams?

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Teams is a platform that combines all of your apps and services to improve outcomes for you and your staff. The program includes many remote work capabilities that can increase team efficiency. This collaborative platform also offers integrations, which can further improve users' productivity and communication, yet unknown to many users.

Microsoft Teams has developed a solid reputation as one of the top video conferencing applications available right now from the beginning of the pandemic. Teams are now regarded as a crucial piece of software for , productivity, and general communication as more businesses implement remote or hybrid working policies.

Teams plugins are much more than a tool for video calls, which is one of the reasons it has become popular web app development services. The program's vast selection of apps enables staff to function as efficiently as possible no matter where they are. So we've selected the best apps for teams you won't want to miss in our guide.

Karma – Can help with promoting good habits & behavior

Karma is an app that aids in the creation of a positive environment. Employees can use this app to award karma points to one another and advance on leaderboards. For example, you can commend a post or a thread for a thoughtful response. Everyone is motivated to work more productively and provide goods more quickly in this way. It's a bot that captures unspoken but little, formally acknowledged congratulations and “thank yous.”

The following use cases include performance tracking, instant and long-term awards, micro-feedback, and appreciation of teammates. Karma Bot creates user-profiles and offers team leaders in-depth insights, fostering healthy competition that increases productivity. With Karma, you may see a dashboard that will allow you to see the collected statistics more clearly. In addition, it enables managers to evaluate performance evaluations and develop a more appreciative culture at work.


  • Provides easy access for the entire team to recognize accomplishments
  • Offers an interactive means of enhancing employee engagement


  • Automated incentive systems don't work well with currencies.

AttendanceBot – Can help with analyzing & tracking work hours

You can gather information regarding paid time off, leaves, hours worked, and more with the aid of AttendanceBot. It functions much like a time tracker but has some extra features. For example, employees can message “in” and “out” to keep track of their working hours directly from the Microsoft Teams app.

From the AttendanceBot dashboard, you can opt to export timesheets periodically or explicitly examine the time spent working for each client. But it doesn't just make things simple for you. Additionally, it simplifies things for your employees.

For instance, by mentioning @attendencebot in the Microsoft Teams programs list discussion, your team can ask for permissions. Something like “Requesting a week commencing January 15” might be written in a message. AttendanceBot will inform you when the request is approved and instantly add the information to the calendar.


  • Exports timesheets easily and reduces manual labor
  • Incorporates the most widely used platforms, such as Teams and Slack
  • Simplifies leave administration


  • It does not permit exporting balance history for leaves

Polly – Can help with getting live feedback from your team

Create surveys in your Microsoft team meetings app channel or group chat with the polling tool Polly. It provides a quick and easy option for your team members to vote on a particular issue. It would help if you answered the questions, and Polly will perform the real-time vote-counting analytics on your behalf. Create your survey, send it, and then mention @polly to see the results.

Advanced customization features like anonymity, scheduling, showing or hiding results, and multiple votes are also available. Turn on comments to reveal a simple discussion board so you can hear what your colleagues say. Any department may use it to keep workers interested in daily tasks at work, including deciding where to have lunch or when to have a meeting. By including the Polly tab, you may communicate with coworkers contextually without interfering with their work.


  • Provides several opportunities for customization.
  • A quick method to hear what your team thinks.


  • Polly also feels a steep learning curve because of more customization options.

Trello – Can help with organization & prioritizing your projects

Workflow management can be complex without the extra structure of the 9 to 5 job. It would be best if you looked into Microsoft Teams tools' compatibility with the Trello app. Trello allows you to make task lists on boards that your team members can access. Trello is a project management platform that lets you dynamically arrange your projects using its boards, cards, and lists. When added to Teams, you can access all your boards without opening a web browser from the app.

You can also delegate projects to specific people, completion dates can be given, and items can be checked off. To ensure nothing is overlooked, notifications and reminders can also be added. With Trello, you can take advantage of the adaptability of remote collaboration without worrying about items slipping through the cracks.


  • Streamlined task administration.
  • Simple cooperation


  • Works better for straightforward jobs than for difficult ones.

ScrumGenius – Can help with automating daily standups

Your team status meetings will be automated using the ScrumGenius app. Running automatic check-ins and standups is a simple method to automate your daily status meetings, weekly retrospectives, and one-on-one check-ins. It poses a series of questions to team members each day at a predetermined time regarding their accomplishments from the previous day, their tasks for today, and any obstacles they experienced. Microsoft Teams productivity app leaders will receive an email from ScrumGenius with a summary of the team's outcomes to record what transpired each day.

The @scrumgenius bot gathers updates from your team, logs the responses, generates insightful statistics and summaries, and streams live updates to your channel. It is the ideal answer for individuals who want to avoid ineffective meetings.


  • Fast configuration and sharing of reports on Teams.
  • Simple to set up and operate


  • The customization possibilities for queries and statistics are limited.

AttendanceBot – Can help with tracking & analyzing work hours

With AttendanceBot, you can keep track of hours worked, sick days, paid time off, staff shift scheduling, and vacations. It's beneficial for remote best Microsoft Teams apps because it has simple clock-in and clock-out messages. It enables you to manage your timesheets within the Microsoft team meetings app and export timesheets. You may monitor the time spent on particular clients and projects and view all the data on a dashboard.

Messages like “PTO today” or “Vacation from July 2 to July 9” include the handle @attendancebot. It will also schedule vacation autoresponders, send your request for approval, let you know how it is progressing, and alert you of any changes. While keeping you updated on your Microsoft Teams productivity apps members, AttendanceBot handles management and attendance without taking up your time.


  • Exports timesheets easily and reduces manual labor.
  • Integrates with the most popular platforms, including Teams plugins and Slack.
  • Simplifies leave administration.


  • It is not possible to transmit the balance history of leaves.

SoapBox – Can help with the organization of your meetings

The SoapBox app assists you in developing the habit of holding high-efficiency meetings where you and your coworkers may engage in meaningful dialogues. It is the best app for teams based on the premise that the finest collaboration occurs when everyone participates in the exact location. Therefore, the main goal of this software is to remove any meeting obstacles that cause meetings to be time-consuming.

The software allows you to add items to your meeting agenda and check them off as you go, which reduces the likelihood of wandering off-topic. You may now be reminded to add agenda items, get discussion topic suggestions, and keep track of everyone's next moves. Closed articles can be archived, while open items can be carried over to the next meeting. Meetings become more structured, efficient, and efficient use of everyone's time with SoapBox.


  • Soapbox receives total ratings for usefulness.
  • After recording and editing, you may share it on social networking sites.
  • Soapbox is a Chrome extension that may be used on any machine that supports the Chrome browser.


  • Soapbox is not comparable to standard video editing software.
  • Another problem with this limitation is the lack of cloud space.


The best Microsoft Teams app is primarily a communication tool, but it can accomplish much more than other audio and video calling technologies such as Zoom and Skype.

Microsoft Teams' full potential can be realized by connecting it with other apps in your tech stack. It lets you bring information from several platforms into Microsoft Teams plugins, streamlining your collaboration. We've talked about collaborative apps for Teams, but there's much more to learn if you want to boost your team's productivity with .

To get the most out of Teams, we recommend looking at Microsoft Teams tools integration solutions to simplify workflows and get back to working smarter, not harder. You may find a comprehensive list of the best apps for teams and services on the Teams apps page.

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