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Microsoft’s PC Manager for Windows takes on Third Party Optimizers Like CCleaner

Microsoft has launched a new Windows 11 tool called PC Manager that offers optimization and performance tools.


For users who want to boost and optimize their PC performance on Windows, it has been necessary to turn to third party apps. Such as CCleaner, which has had an uneasy relationship with. However, the company is now debuting a tool known as “PC Manager” that will provide basic optimizing tools to compete with third party options like CCleaner.

For some users, being able to optimize their PCs is essential. Windows doesn't really do a good job of handling the software you use. PC Manager is seeking to change the situation by providing a suite of features such as cleaning temporary files, handling startup apps, and monitoring resources.

However, there is also a not-too-subtle ulterior motive behind PC Manager… another feature to try to convert users to the browser. In the app, Microsoft says that Edge is the recommended browser for optimal and PC performance, suggesting other browsers are not.

Either way, PC Manager seems to be a useful tool. That said, there is nothing really new here. All the functionality is already available on Windows. What the app does is integrate them all together in a single place for easy access and use.


Available Now

It certainly seems the tool is designed to appeal to general Windows users as an alternative to CCleaner. In fact, PC Manager is very much like the program Microsoft has had a rocky relationship with.

In 2019 Microsoft blacklisted the CCleaner tool from its Support Forum network, censoring mentions of the registry cleaning program. Redmond's concern was seemingly justified a month later when Avast confirmed a critical flaw in CCleaner. By 2020, Microsoft Defender was classifying the tool as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA).

At the start of the year, CCleaner was once again available from the Microsoft Store, seemingly cooling the feud Microsoft was having with the app's developer Piriform.

Microsoft PC Manager is now available for download. It is worth noting the site is in Chinese, which suggests the tool is limited to that specific market… at least for now. This is a public beta, so by time the full release arrives the app may be available across more markets.

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