Microsoft is rolling out important changes to the Windows Subsystem for Android, the service that allows Windows 11 to run Android apps. Alongside improvements that will make WSA faster, an upcoming update will add support for Android 13.

Through the Windows Subsystem for Android roadmap on GitHub, Microsoft confirms it is working on WSA running Android 13. Of course, this is the latest edition to Google’s mobile OS and one of the most significant yearly updates to date.

Google officially unveiled Android 13 in August and it seems Microsoft has been working on bringing the platform to Windows 11 through WSA. While it is unclear which Android 13 features will make their way to Windows 11, it seems the file transfer tool to move files between the WSA container and Windows will be included.

Coming Soon

Picture-in-picture mode will also likely make the journey to Windows 11, allowing users to run Android apps on top of Windows apps. While Microsoft is road-mapping this support now, don’t expect to see Android 13 on WSA until 2023.

If you are new to WSA, it is the system that allows Windows 11 to support Android apps natively.

When Microsoft initially announced Windows 11 in June 2021, one of the big announcements was support for Android apps, the company’s latest effort to address the App Gap. This is thanks to a collaboration between Microsoft and the Amazon App Store.

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